How I work


My goal with any client is to get a good understanding about what has brought you here.  My style is quite informal and I like to think that we are collaborating together on the things that are not going well for you.  I'll bring my years of experience and professional knowledge and you bring your openness, courage and willingness to make changes.  I understand the financial and time commitment it takes to engage in private therapy so I want you to get the most out of each session.


In your first couple of sessions we will complete a holistic assessment so I can understand what difficulties you are facing, what you'd like to be different, what is already going well, and what wisdom or tools you might already have that can help you.  I will help you consider what specific changes would allow you to thrive and live life more fully.  I will offer ideas about what combination of techniques and sessions might benefit you the most and help you thrive, not just during our work together but forever.


I am an active therapist - ready to commit my time, attention, and energy to you.  Some clients like their counsellor to mostly listen, others want to use handouts or activities, some like to try creative techniques (using various art materials, creative writing or journalling), do some sessions in an outdoor setting, (see Thrive Nature page) or a combination of all of these.  You're always in control about how how deep you want to go. In order for meaningful change to happen, I will ask you to be open to trying new things, but will never insist that you do anything with which you are not comfortable.

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