"The reason I started the counselling process was to help me in my feelings of being 'stuck' and helpless, and Jen helped me to realise in a very quick timeframe why this was, and gave me the confidence and courage to go out and 'un-stick' myself."

"Jen is a great and “friendly” professional. She is the type of professional (in my view) who has a deep understanding of her discipline and the different aspects of that discipline. This allows Jen to operate freely without the constraints that one often experiences with a purely “book learnt” or inexperienced professional. I would highly recommend."

"I found Jen’s approach very friendly and also quite probing at the same time.   The discussions very quickly honed in on problems and possible solutions, all of which were very well received.    My counselling sessions were quite relaxed with no fear of feeling inhibited in what I felt I needed to say.  I took Jen’s perspectives on my situation to heart and have put much of what we discussed into successful practice.  I would recommend Jen Walsh to anyone with similar counselling needs."

"Jen makes you feel  comfortable even though it is likely you will be sharing difficult issues."

"As someone new to the counselling process I was unsure what to expect.   However, I was quickly assured by Jen and felt able to relax and speak openly.   Jen asked some challenging questions but in a very supportive manner."

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